WYDA Design Atelier is the unique fusion of two different minds, cultures and complementary competences. We are specialized mainly in the sector of interior design, product design and building renovation, designing and realizing projects for hotels, shops, offices and apartments in Italy and abroad.

Interior Design

In our projects we always strive for a „complete art work“, in the sense of a creative unity of architecture, interior design, product design and art. The development of unique spatial experiences, the design of tailor-made furniture and the development of unique design items are the focus of our work.

Among our most important works there are the completion of Francis Ford Coppola’s Luxury Resort Palazzo Margherita and the realization of the Flagship Stores for the Menswear Brand Luigi Borrelli in Milan, Rome, Capri, Florence, Bari and St. Petersburg.

Product Design

All human beings have a natural need to reflect their uniqueness in the objects that surround them. Therefore, we believe that the future of design lies not in mass and series production, but in individualization and personalization.

In contrast to the classic designers who design prototypes for series and mass production, we see our self-designed and self-produced unique pieces and small series as more closely related to handicrafts, or more precisely to “digital handicrafts”.

Digital production using 3D printing represents a revolution in this regard, because it enables freedom of form and thus individual production in many different variants.

Our design products particularly include furniture, lamps and accessories.

For 3D printing, we use non-toxic, biodegradable materials, sometimes with admixtures from the recycling or food industry, e.g. beer spent grain particles, ground mussels or oysters or wheat particles.

We like to refer to our way of working as a “digital renaissance”.

More informations on https://www.arcangelodalessandro.com/

Design By Food

A highlight of our work is the “Design By Food” project: based on our research into the roots of cultural identity, especially gastronomic traditions, we develop original design objects.

The resulting lamp “Caciocavallo” is inspired by the characteristic curvy shape and special surface of the Italian cheese of the same name, the lamp “Fico” by the prickly pears found in southern Italy.

More informations on www.designbyfood.net.


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